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About The Registration Form

The Persons with Disabilities (Equal Opportunities) Act, 2014, requires that the National Commission for Persons with Disabilities register persons with disabilities in The Bahamas. The Commission will use the information on this form to assist in developing public policy and measures for the benefit and wellbeing of persons with disabilities.

The Act is intended to end the discrimination against persons with disabilities, protect their rights, ensure accessibility, and advance equal opportunities. We need your help to accomplish this. The Act, in part, states that “persons with disabilities” means persons with a long term disability (physical, mental, intellectual, developmental or sensory impairments) who, when they are in contact with various barriers, may be hindered in fully and equally participating in society. 

Items to Accompany The Form

Please fill in this form to the best of your ability. You must attach the following:

A copy of a valid government issued photo ID (driver’s license, voter’s card, passport, NIB Card) 

A copy of a medical doctor’s letter certifying that you are a person with a disability.

Please know that Section 50 of the Persons with Disabilities Act makes it an offense to knowingly give false information to the Commission for the purpose of being registered or for the purpose of acquiring any privilege due to persons so registered.

Submitting The Form

This form can be completed and submmitted online. Alternatately forms can be downloaded, completed and delivered to the address below or Email form and attachments to

Mailed or hand delivered to:

The National Commission for Persons with Disabilities
Aventura Plaza, John F. Kennedy Drive & Bethel Avenue
P.O. Box N-3206
Nassau, The Bahamas

You may also submit this form to the Commission through the government office or agency where you received this form.

The information provided on this form will be kept private by the Commission. Relevant information may be shared with other government agencies (such as NEMA, Disability Affairs, Department of Labour) only as it relates to that agency's business with persons with disabilities.

If you have any questions or concerns about this form please contact the National Commission for Persons with Disabilities by calling 242-397-8603 or by emailing


J.F. Kennedy Drive & Bethel Avenue
Nassu, Bahamas


 (242) 397-8600
or (242) 397-8614

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